Company Culture & Philosophy

Online Impact Group is a team of engineers with a passion for solving complex business needs. Each and every client has a unique situation requiring an engineering-based solution.


Each of our online presence and digital marketing strategies begin with research and analysis of available information. When data is sparse, we work with clients to deploy measurement tools within their online operations.

A balance of Innovation vs. Reliability

We constantly aim for the best balance between feature rich but less tested solutions and well established, reliable technology.


Our solutions are engineered to be understandable, maintainable, and documentable without dependence on one vendor or on rare or expensive skillsets.

Designed for the Long Term

As an engineering firm, our strategies and solutions are always designed with lasting reliability and security as a primary driving factor.

Deployed with Online Continuity

We won’t place new or enhanced systems online without full testing before and after deployment, including responsive testing. No upgrades are deployed without advance preparation of an immediate rollback option.


To minimize time & expense waste on all sides and to ensure the best outcome, we follow the agile approach of highly customer-interactive, step by step design and development.

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